What Are Custom Clubmakers, And What Can They Do For Me?

Dear Golfer,

Clubs that fit you properly are vital for you to achieve your true potential in this game.

They say a bad workman blames his tools…but what if the tools really are to blame?

Custom clubmakers are skilled professionals who are experts in setting up drivers, irons, wedges, and putters to a player’s ideal and exact specifications.

This involves working with factors such as loft and lie angle, shaft flex point, and swing weight of each club, alongside considerations of the player’s golf swing and physique.

It’s the difference between something you pick up off the peg and a finely tailored Savile Row suit.

They also do golf club assembly and routine club repairs – including regripping, reshafting, restoration, and refurbishment.

Ralph Maltby has been a leader in the field of custom clubmaking for more than 3 decades and has trained many clubmakers who are now employed by golf equipment manufacturers or are working as independent professionals.

His site, The GolfWorks, is also one of the main providers of components (e.g. grips, shafts, clubheads), consumables, videos, instruction books, and manuals to the industry, including the many thousands of clubmaking hobbyists.

Other long-established names in the industry are Hireko, Wishon, and Thomas Golf.

This site introduces you to some of the best custom clubmakers who make up this growing industry.

Visit their websites, talk to one near you, and see for yourself the benefits that custom-made clubs could bring to your game.